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Covelong Beach

Covelong Beach

Covelong Beach, Covelong Beach tours, Visit Covelong Beach of Tamilnadu, Travel to Covelong Beach, Beaches and Lakes Location : 20-km From Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu
Famous As : Beach Resort
Attractions : An Ancient Catholic Church, A Mosque And The Fort

This fascinating beach in Tamil Nadu is a great beach tour destination for you to go to during your beach holidays and beach tours to Tamil Nadu, South India. This charming beach tour destination was a important port that served the commercial purposes of the Carnatic Nawabs. Covelong beach is great for those on beach holidays to this part of India as you can indulge yourself by participating in the water sports. This lovely beach holiday spot is known for the ancient churches, mosques and forts that are located here. On digging the past it is revealed that Saadat Ali, Nawab of Carnatic, built the ancient port of Covelong. In the year 1746 Covelong was taken over by the troops of the French General Laboudonnais and in 1752 destroyed by Clive. For all you adventure seekers the breathtakingly beautiful beach of Covelong has an amazing array of sports activities like windsurfing, swimming and other water sports.

The gentle sea and surf add to the charm of Covelong. The beautiful beach of Covelong lies in the lee of an ancient Dutch fort. A few walls of the fort remain in the form of ruins. Thus, besides the beauty of nature, the captivating destination of Covelong is dotted with the historical monuments likes forts, churches, mosques et al. thus the secular nature of the area. In its own way Covelong reveals the history of the state of Tamil Nadu. The ancient Catholic Church is a must visit amongst the many religious monuments at Covelong. For those of you who feel holidays are for relaxing a cozy sunbath is the best bet.

The experience of being in the serene and the pristine environs replenishes the energy and rejuvenates the soul in an incomparable manner. Close to Covelong is the marvelous Mahabalipuram, nineteen kilometers to be precise. On your visit to Mahabalipuram do not miss out on the unique 7th century shore temples. Then there is the Crocodile farm, which is a large, and successful reptile breeding venture that invites you to view the crocodiles from close quarters. In terms of accommodations ample options are available at Covelong that suit various budgets. The hotels at Covelong, Chennai as well as Mahabalipuram may suit your needs.

The captivating Covelong is well connected and easily accessible. The airport at Chennai at a distance of sixty kilometers caters to the needs of the air transport to Cavelong. Similarly the railhead at Chennai takes care of the tourists traveling to Covelong by train. The excellent road network link Covelong with Chenna and Mahabalipuram well. There are regular bus services from Chennai to Covelong though for more comfort you may even hire taxis. In terms of water transport Covelong may be reached by boat along the seacoast of Madras or Chengalpattu.


Air : The nearest airport is at Chennai , 60-km away.

Rail : The nearest convenient railway station is also situated at Chennai .

Road : The beach is located at a distance of 60-km from Chennai and 20-km from Mahabalipuram. It is an hour's drive from Chennai . There are regular buses from Mahabalipuram and Chennai to reach the beach. Tourists can also hire a taxi from Chennai or Mahabalipuram.

Accommodation is available at the hotels in Covelong or Mahabalipuram or Chennai .  


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