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Kausani, Travel to Kausani, Tourist attractions of Uttaranchal, Hills Tours HolidaysNestling amongst thick, dense pine forests, atop a narrow ridge and separated from the towering mountains of the Nanda Devi range by low, medium mountains; at Kausani the grandeur of the Himalayan scenery comes alive.

The view of the snow covered Trishul and Nanda Devi is so clear that one gets a feeling of the snows being within toucing distance. Its ethereal sunrise and a 300 kms, wide view of the Himalayan range have attracted thousands of visitors to this place.

Eulogized by poets and philosophers, this scenic and beautiful spot offers so much all year round - sightseeing, history, sport, pilgrimage and complete relaxation.

KAUSANI (Sight Seeing)

Pant Museum
A little away from the Kaushani bus stand is a museum named after the Hindi poet Sumitranandan Pant. The house which has the museum is the poet's house of his childhood days. His daily use articles, drafts of his poems, letters, his awards etc. are displayed here.

Lakshmi Ashram
1 km away from the Anasakti Ashram, this place is a center run by women who do social service. Gandhiji's disciple, Sarala Behen spent her life here doing social service. This ashram is located in a solitary area in a dense jungle.

9050 feet above sea level, this hill station is 20 kms from Kaushani. Here there is a temple of Shiva from where one can view many valleys. Around Pinakeshwar are other places like Old Pinakeshwar, Gopalkot, Huria etc.

17 kms from Kaushani, the most important historical place in Uttarakhand is Baijnath which is situated on the banks of the Gomti river. The Baijnath temple here was built thousands of years ago and can still be admired for its carvings and sculptures. Some old temples can also be found here.

Kausani, Travel to Kausani, Tourist attractions of Uttaranchal, Hills Tours Holidays
15 kms away from Kaushani, this famous Shiva temple was built by King Somchand of the Chand Dynasty. In March every year a festival is held here .

Chaukori is 75 kms away from Kaushani and is well known for the view it gives of the Himalayan peaks. A person viewing the Himalayas from here feels like he can touch them. For an overnight stay there is a tourist bungalow.

Pindari Glacier
25 kms from Bageshwar passing through Thapkot, another 16 kms. later the last bus stop is Loharkhet. From here is a 35 km trek to the famous Pindari glacier. To see this majestic glacier tourists camp on the way to reach the Zero Point (3000 mts). From here is a close-up view of the glacier. All though the way there are places to eat. A village called Khati which is 18 kms after Loharkhet is one of the camping points. From Phurkia to Zero point it is just 5 kms. The best time to visit here is April, May, September and October. This glacier is 58 kms from Kaushani. It is 3 kms long and 250 mts. wide. Trekking equipment can be hired at Bargeshwar.

Sundardoonga & Kafni Glaciers
For the more
Kausani, Travel to Kausani, Tourist attractions of Uttaranchal, Hills Tours Holidaysadventurous trekkers these two glaciers are ideal. Both these glaciers are located in the Pindari Glacier area in different spots. It is advisable to visit these places with an experienced guide and proper equipment. Sundardoonga is known for its beautiful rocks. One has to pass through Umla Jatoli village to go there. Dhakudi is a camping point which is 35 kms away. To go to Kafni (3800 mts) one has to go through a rough trek of 20 kms. from Dwali camp.

Further ahead from the hill station of Kausani you may plan for excursions to various other places of tourist interest.There are the hill Station of Nainital, Almora and Ranikhet that are easily accessible from Kausani, offer wondrous vistas of the Himalayas and make excellent excursion options.Then there are the temple towns of Baijnath and Bageshwar that attract several pilgrims and tourists every year and are in close proximity to Kausani.

The nature lovers may even go on an excursion to Binsar from Kausani. Binsar boasts of a bird sanctuary that is worth visiting and the panoramic views of the Himalayan peaks like the Nanda Devi Sanctuary

Kausani, Travel to Kausani, Tourist attractions of Uttaranchal, Hills Tours HolidaysKausani experiences snowfall during the months of December and January, thus these two months may be avoided. The hill resort of Kausani is a retreat in the summer months and may be visited during April-June and September-November.

Getting there

Rail : Nearest railhead is Kathgodam, 142 kms.

Road : The hill station is well connected by road to all nearby towns. Kathgodam 142 kms, Almora 53 kms, Ranikhet 79 kms. Nalnital 120 kms. Bageshwar 39 kms & Delhi 410 kms.


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