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West Bengal Textiles

Textiles, Textiles art and craft, Textiles art of West Bangal, Textiles Arts & Crafts In West Bangal, West Bangal Arts Crafts, Arts Crafts of West Bangal India, Famous Arts & Crafts of West Bangal IndiaIn India, International Textiles & Garment Fair is the first one-stop opportunity for textile professionals and exporters to discover what West Bengal has to offer.

Some example of West Bengal Textiles are :

Dhoop Chhaon Saree
In Bishnupur,(West Bengal) Dhoop Chhaon Saree is a famous textile product.‘Dhoop Chhaon’ literally means ‘double shade,’ which refers to the apparent difference in color when seen from different angles or lights.
The borders of the saree contain patterns of small yellow flowers. This saree is woven from silk.

Tangail Saree
Tangail Saree contains tiny repeating patterns, giving the feel of an embroidery work. Borders of this saree are adorned with designs depicting temples and the patterns seen on the ‘rudraksha’.The silk saree features dark shades and is mostly preferred during special occasions.

Tussar Embroidery Sarees
The Bengali Tussar Embroidery Sarees are specially handspun to contain a crisp pebbly texture on the surface. These sarees are not artificially colored. The embroidery is done using a particular stitch called the kantha, which is a kind of running stitch.

Tussar Brocade Sarees
The Tussar brocade sarees feature heavy ornamental designs. The ‘pallu‘ (falling edge of the saree) features complex jacquard designs.The fibers are of fine nature, colored in dyes extracted from natural materials used in this saree . This saree is light and comfortable to wear.

Tant Sarees
Tant sarees come in a wide range of styles and colors. They feature broad silk-embroidered borders.Their ‘pallu’ (falling edge of the saree) is embellished with delicate embroidery. They are ideal as a casual wear.

Nilambari Saree
The word ‘nilambari’ literally means blue sky referring to the saree's deep navy-blue color. The ‘pallu’ (the falling edge of the saree) is decorated with stripes of varying thickness.


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