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West Bengal Cities

Darjeeling, Darjeeling city, Darjeeling travel Guide, Darjeeling Travel and Tourism, Darjeeling tours, travel Darjeeling

Straddling a ridge at 2134m and surrounded by a tea plantations, Darjeeling has been a popular hill station since the British established it as an R&R centre for their troops in mid-1800s.


Durgapur is located in the district of Burdwan, in the state West Bengal, India, 168 km to the north of Calcutta. It is a well-planned industrial city on the banks of the river Damodar, with a population of about 250,000.

Durgapur, Durgapur city, Durgapur travel Guide, Durgapur Travel and Tourism, Durgapur tours, travel to Durgapur

Kolkata, Kolkata city, Kolkata travel Guide, Kolkata Travel and Tourism, Kolkata tours, travel to Kolkata, Kolkata Travel Kolkata

Calcutta, the gateway city to eastern India, is three hundred years old. Calcutta grew to be the capital of the British empire, with grand palaces, buildings, grand hostelries, and shops that traded in some of the finest goods of the world.


Murshidabad, named after Nawab Murshid Quli Khan, the Dewan of Bengal, Bihar and Orissa under Emperor Aurangzeb, is related to events that ultimately changed the history of India

Murshidabad, Murshidabad city, Murshidabad travel Guide, Murshidabad Travel and Tourism, Murshidabad tours, travel

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More Information About West-bengal

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