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Arunachal Pradesh travel, Arunachal Pradesh travel guide, Tourist attractions of Arunachal Pradesh, Historicals & Spiritual places of Arunachal Pradesh, Famous Beaches & lakes Tour, about fairs & festivals of Arunachal, Hills Tours Holidays Arunachal Pradesh

Arunachal Pradesh is Northeast India’s largest and remotest state, as it has railway lines and air services connecting only three of its towns. Some of the areas of Arunachal Pradesh are so isolated that an Indian army reconnaissance recently revealed a tribe still living in caves and leading a nomadic life.


Assam was known as 'Kamarupa' or 'Pragjyotish' in the period of the Epics. Human inhabitation of this region dates backs to about 2000 BC. The population of Assam comprises of the migrants from Burma and China.

Assam travel, Assam travel guide, Tourist attractions of Assam, Historicals & Spiritual places of Assam, Famous Beaches & lakes Tour, about fairs & festivals of Assam, Hills Tours Holidays
Bihar travel, Bihar travel guide, Tourist attractions of Bihar, Historicals & Spiritual places of Bihar, Famous Beaches & lakes Tour, about fairs & festivals of Bihar, Hills Tours Holidays Bihar

Bihar has been derived from the word Vihar which was symbol of Buddhist monasteries. Bihar is one of the places which has seen the birth of ancient civilization and Indian history.


Jharkhand state which emerged from Bihar is nationally well known for all the low levels of the social sector indicators of poor literacy, dismal health scenario, poor infrastructural facilities, and low levels of skills and lack of sustainable livelihoods.

Jharkhand travel, Jharkhand travel guide, Tourist attractions of Jharkhand, Historicals & Spiritual places of Jharkhand, Famous Beaches & lakes Tour of Jharkhand, about fairs & festivals of Jharkhand
Manipur travel, Manipur travel guide, Tourist attractions of Manipur, Historicals & Spiritual places of Manipur, Famous Beaches & lakes Tour of Manipur, about fairs & festivals of Manipur

Manipur is the ancestral territory of the Manipuri people. Manipur is currently under Indian colonial rule. It is situated in the north-east corner of India and bounded in the east by Myanmar (Burma).


Mizoram was inhabited by the tribal groups of Tibeto-Burmese race. During the period 1750-1850 migrations led to settlements in the hills. The tribal groups were governed under a hereditary chieftainship.

Mizoram travel, Mizoram travel guide, Tourist attractions of Mizoram, Historicals & Spiritual places of Mizoram, Famous Beaches & lakes Tour of Mizoram, about fairs & festivals of Mizoram
Nagaland travel, Nagaland travel guide, Tourist attractions of Nagaland, Historicals & Spiritual places of Nagaland, Famous Beaches & lakes Tour of Nagaland, about fairs & festivals of Nagaland Nagaland

The ancient history of Nagaland is very obscure. Little is known about what is now Nagaland, including the origin of several large sandstone pillars at Dimapur.


Although Orissa or Kalinga is mentioned in the epics, much of the history is obscure. A non-Aryan race is believed to have settled here in the dim past. Then came the Aryans from the north.

Orissa travel, Orissa travel guide, Tourist attractions of Orissa, Historicals & Spiritual places of Orissa, Famous Beaches & lakes Tour of Orissa, about fairs & festivals of Orissa
Sikkim travel, Sikkim travel guide, Tourist attractions of Sikkim, Historicals & Spiritual places of Sikkim, Famous Beaches & lakes Tour of Sikkim, about fairs & festivals of Sikkim Sikkim

Sikkim lies in the Eastern Himalayas. Being a region which had its geophysical uniqueness owing to its location and climate conditions, human inhabitation was sparse. It was only in 1641 that it was given a political entity.


According to the 'Rajmala", Tripura's celebrated court chronicle, an ancient king named 'Tripur' ruled over the territorial domain known as 'Tripura' and the name of the kingdom was derived from his name. A school of historians, however, challenge this story and identify 'Tripur' as and imaginary and a historical character.

Tripura travel, Tripura travel guide, Tourist attractions of Tripura, Historicals & Spiritual places of Tripura, Famous Beaches & lakes Tour of Tripura, about fairs & festivals of Tripura
West Bengal travel, West Bengal travel guide, Tourist attractions of West Bengal, Historicals & Spiritual places of West Bengal, Famous Beaches & lakes Tour of West Bengal, about fairs & festivals of West Bengal West Bengal

During the period of the Vedic age Bengal was called Vanga and is said to have been inhabited by several groups of people belonging to various races. During the Mahabharatha period this area was divided into small kingdoms and principalities ruled by chieftains.


Meghalaya is the home of the Tribals especially the Khasis, Jaintias, Mikirs and Cacharis, who are said to have inhabited this region before the start of the Christian era.

Meghalaya travel, Meghalaya travel guide, Tourist attractions of Meghalaya, Historicals & Spiritual places of Meghalaya, Famous Beaches & lakes Tour of Meghalaya, about fairs & festivals of Meghalaya


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