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Arts and Crafts of Tripura

Basketry, Basketry art and craft, Basketry art of Tripura, Basketry Arts & Crafts In Tripura, Tripura Arts Crafts Basketry

Basketry is an important craft of Tripure. The different types of baskets produced in the state include jamatia firewood basket, riang carrying basket

Cane and Bamboo Handicrafts

From time immemorial Tripura has carved out a name for itself in the field of Handicrafts.

Cane and Bamboo Handicrafts, Cane and Bamboo Handicrafts art and craft, Cane and Bamboo Handicrafts art of Tripura

Handloom, Handloom art and craft, Handloom art of Tripura, Handloom Arts & Crafts In Tripura, Tripura Arts Crafts Handloom

The handloom industry of Tripura is very famous. At present it is not organised . The weavers are scattered all over the state.


Tripura is land of high hills, hillocks, interspersed with rivers and valleys having moderately warm and humid climate, well distributed annual rainfall of 2500 mm.

Horticulture, Horticulture art and craft, Horticulture art of Tripura, Horticulture Arts & Crafts In Tripura, Tripura Arts
Rubber, Rubber art and craft, Rubber art of Tripura, Rubber Arts & Crafts In Tripura, Tripura Arts Crafts, Arts Crafts Rubber

Recently declared the "Second Rubber Capital of India" by the Rubber Board, the state of Tripura has availability of good quantity of high quality rubber offers ample scope for setting up of rubber-based industries in the state.


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